Septic Tank Cleaning

in Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Hapchuk Sanitation’s Cleaning Crucial to Prevent System Failure

Hapchuk Sanitation Company performs residential septic tank cleaning in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Westmoreland County and the surrounding areas. It is very important to have your septic tank cleaned on a regular basis. Without septic cleaning, waste solids in your system can accumulate, causing your system to back up into your home or flow into your drain field or sand mound. That would cause major damage to your home or system. To avoid that possibility, call us at (724) 834-2980.

We Recommend Servicing Septic Tank Every Two to Three Years

Hapchuk Sanitation Company recommends servicing your septic tank every two to three years. The time frame can vary based on the size of tanks and the number of people in the home. As with any operating machine or system, septic systems must be correctly and properly maintained to ensure they operate smoothly and efficiently. We will make sure that your septic tanks are running smoothly with our cleaning process.

Malfunctioning Septic Tank Can Lead to Expensive Cleanup

When a septic tank is not cleaned every two to three years, the sludge layer increases in the tank. This causes the sludge to overflow into the drain field or sand mound, clogging it and causing system failure. This can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in cleanup and repair, and it can lower the property’s value. Do not let this happen to your home and property.

Adding CCLS to System Helps with Maintaining System

Hapchuk Sanitation Company is an exclusive distributor of CCLS, a septic system plant-grade liquid bacteria/enzyme product formulated specifically for residential septic system maintenance. The bacteria break down solids in drains, pipes and septic tanks that many common household products like detergents, bleaches and cleaners destroy. Healthy bacteria digest organic waste. CCLS is biodegradable and safe for the humans, pets and the environment.

We Give You Helpful Tips on How to Avoid Problems

Our professional septic tank cleaners not only perform septic tank cleaning, but we also educate our customers about their system works, how often to pump the tank, what should not be flushed down the drain and other helpful tips. Preventing a system failure requires preventative maintenance. You can trust that Hapchuk Sanitation Company will clean and maintain your septic tanks so they operate smoothly.

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