Septic Services

in Mt. Pleasant, PA

Hapchuk Sanitation Should be Your Septic Tank Specialist

So you need septic services in Mt. Pleasant, PA? When Mt. Pleasant, PA residents want the best septic tank maintenance and cleaning services, they call on Hapchuck Sanitation Company. We are fortunate to have had the trust of area residents for over 70 years. Our customers know they will get the best system maintenance for the best price. Regular upkeep of your septic system will prevent costly repairs and even installation of a new septic tank. Call us today at (724) 834-2980 to keep your septic tank operating at its best.

Our Quality Septic Services Include

Our Team Takes the Stress Out of Septic System Installation

At Hapchuk Sanitation Company, we realize homeowners and landlords get stressed out when they have to replace a septic system. Our team will shoulder the load, taking the stress off of the customer. The longer that you put off a new septic system installation, the more detrimental and expensive it could be. Allow us to get started on the project as quickly as possible to avoid further problems.

Trust Us to Perform Septic System Repair Services

Homeowners or landlords should not attempt to repair a septic system problem by themselves. A septic DIY project could turn out to be more expensive than expected if homeowners or landlords make mistakes. Some of the repairs could include jet cleaning of sand mounds, dye testing, sludge removal, and more. It is a much better idea to hire the experienced professionals at Hapchuk Sanitation Company for the job.

Our Septic Pumping Helps in Preventing Future Problems

Hapchuk Sanitation Company is able to pump your septic tank effectively and quickly. We do pumping to remove sludge from building up in the bottom of the tank and entering the drain field. The pumping prevents costly problems down the road. It is cheaper to remove sludge from a tank than it is to plot for a new drain field. Performing regular septic maintenance service prevents pipes from accumulating sewage and sludge.

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