Family-Owned Sanitation Company

in Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Business Built on Old-School Beliefs of Hard Work and Honesty

Hapchuk Sanitation Company has been providing a much-needed service to homeowners and business owners in Greensburg and much of Southwestern Pennsylvania since George Hapchuk started the business at 430 Fosterville Road in Greensburg in 1950. Hapchuk Sanitation was built on old-school beliefs of hard work and honesty. We continue to practice those beliefs daily.

Starting out with one truck that by today’s standards would be considered very primitive, George Hapchuk worked hard through the years to develop Hapchuk Sanitation Company. George married Ellen Wallace, who has been the company’s backbone now for over 60 years answering calls and tending to the books and daily affairs. Later in life, George’s two sons, Georgie and Denny, became part of the business. Today, the grandkids, Jacob and April, have joined the company.

Residential Waste Recycling Process Developed on Hapchuk Farm

The Hapchuk family developed its farm of 152 acres to treat and process residential waste into an agricultural commodity. The material then goes through a recycling process. Hapchuk Sanitation Company has worked closely with the state of Pennsylvania and The Department of Environmental Protection for many years to ensure all regulations and protocols are being followed for safe handling of residential waste.

New Generation Focuses on Continued Integrity and Customer Service

Although the times have changed and the equipment has improved, the integrity of the business remains the same. We are still family owned and operated. We are now into our fourth generation of strong customer service and know-how. The youngest generation of the Hapchuk family is determined to carry Hapchuk Sanitation Company into the future with a continued emphasis on integrity, customer service, hard work and increased knowledge of the industry.

Here is Hapchuk’s Wide Service Area

If you are buying a home or if you are encountering a problem with your septic system, Hapchuk Sanitation Company can inspect the system. Before you buy a home, we highly recommend that you call us to inspect your system for any existing problems. Make sure that your system is meeting all Pennsylvania codes and regulations. Knowing beforehand that there are problems can save you thousands of dollars in a new septic system investment.

Over the years, Hapchuk Sanitation Company has built a wide service area, including the towns of:

430 Fosterville Road
Greensburg, PA 15601

(724) 834-2980

(724) 468-4402

(724) 626-2698

Belle Vernon
(724) 929-2299

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday,
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cash or check,
no credit cards